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Yesterday, I went to NSO East Avenue to file a request to expedite the authentication of our marriage certificate. A two-hour stay inside the scorching and pandemonic building is tantamount to one whole day of turmoil. I was given a date on when to release the authenticated document so I can proceed with the next step of this finikin process.

While I was riding on a bus heading to my office, I noticed a lady walking along EDSA. She shouted “aray!” very loudly when a middle-aged man suddenly emerged behind her and snatched one of her earrings dangling on her left ear. This happened between MRT Kamuning and MRT Cubao. Worried to be caught, the rugged, thin, dark-skinned, and wavy-haired man quickly ran away from his victim. The run of our bus coincided with the run of the snatcher so I was able to keep an eye on him. After almost a minute of his running, he stopped and walked as if nothing had happened. With my attention being glued to the moving creature, I saw his very appearance. Our bus continuously ran as my vision of the monster gradually lost. Suddenly, I felt a great deal of regret; I should have taken pictures or video of the snatcher to have them posted to social media. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to do it. But in order not to be persecuted by my ever righteous conscience, I grabbed a computer, signed in to Twitter, and reported the incident complete with the details to the PNP J