Tuesday, November 25, 2014

If I were to create a superhero...

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Superheroes started to invade the world of literature, specifically comic books in the past century. Since then, the invasion has continued from comic books, to television, and to motion pictures, which is very popular in this new millennium. With the advances in special effects technology, not a single superhero movie has flopped. Thus, superhero franchises have become more popular than before, not only to the youngsters, but to the grown-ups as well.

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 I myself am a huge fan of superheroes. When I was a kid, television was not an ordinary thing in our home. So unlike other kids in our neighborhood who usually spent their weekends sitting pretty in front of their TV, I confined myself to collecting Spiderman and Superman stickers and posters. I wasn’t aware of Thor before I saw the movie in 2011. Eventually, it had come to my knowledge that Thor is a god, associated chiefly with thunder and lightning and where the weekday name “Thursday” is derived.
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Spiderman, Superman, and Thor are among the amazing superheroes that possess unique and special kinds of powers to fight for good. So they enkindled my interest. What I like about Spiderman is his special ability to walk and crawl around on ceilings and on any 180-degree structures. This skill is something I tried to do when I was a kid but unfortunately just brought swellings, bruises, and wounds on me. Superman has superhuman strength which is a common ability of most superheroes. However, what makes Superman’s strength unique is his capability to fly beyond the Earth and move planets with all his might and flight powers. 
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While Superman can soar high up to the outer space, Thor has the ability to time travel. This allows him to go back in time to reverse certain events to make corrections on them.

Eventually, if I would be given a chance to write my own comic book and create my own superhero that possesses Spiderman’s crawling skill, Superman’s superhuman strength, and Thor’s ability to time travel, I would name him Gigaman. The prefix “giga” is derived from a Greek word meaning “giant”. Certainly, in order not to be identified from Spiderman, Superman, and Thor, he would be given his own unique power to transform himself into a towering giant if a situation requires it. That way, he could easily crush the enemies to death.   

One misconception people have about me

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People think that I am snob, when I’m really just an introvert. Like other introverts, I find it difficult to mingle with people in groups due to certain fears and rejections. Even small talk with somebody inconveniences me a lot because I keep thinking that someone shouldn’t bother my hamster ball. 

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Every time I attend social gatherings or even simple drinking sessions, I hear feedback about one’s impressions of me and I always end up feeling apologetic, guilty, and ashamed. It’s such a pain, really. I contend and in order not to be persecuted by my conscience, I just make up to them in the best possible ways I can.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Easter Saturday

After three long years of being absent in blogosphere, I’m back and now re-resurrecting my blog from a very deep slumber, or should I say, from persistent vegetative state. I now understand why I suddenly lost my enthusiasm in blogging. I felt that I don’t like doing it anymore due to the fact that it eats up a lot my time, more so when doing paid blogging. In addition, I used to live a sedentary life so instead of me hauling a laptop to write what my brain dictates; I just lie down and watch TV or take a nap in the comfort of my home. However, no matter how I take blogging for granted, fate brings out the writer in me. Though I’m not as good as some of my writer friends, I believe that through constant writing, I can climb up the ladder up to the level where their feet stand on. Yes, I am a writer and I will always be. 

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Misleading Blogs

You are not only responsible for what you say, but what you do not say” – Martin Luther 

As I hopped and reviewed the blogs that I followed last night, I noticed some “things” that quickly pinched my thoughts. “Things” that I when I realize bring me back to a sense of righteousness and dedication. Truly, I just realized that I have followed my so called “irresponsible” and “malicious” sites that I want to tackle in this post but, I do not know how to begin with. Wheeew!

We tag ourselves as bloggers; bloggers are people who keep and update blogs. In today’s world, anyone can be a blogger as long as you have computer and internet connection then, you’re good to go. There is neither an individual nor an institution that creates sets of qualifications for a blogger (that’s the sad thing). And the saddest part is even the rudest of all rude; the worst of all worst and the ignoramus of all ignoramuses can post his ideas and claim himself a blogger. As a result, cyberjournalist.net recently rolled out “A Bloggers’ Code Of Ethics” to answer the questions of many concerning the ethics the Weblog community should follow. This is for the bloggers to be responsible and to recognize that they publish words publicly, and consequently have certain ethical obligations to their readers, the people they write about and the society in general (cyberjournalist.net, 2003).

Some rules indicated in the Code of Conduct are the following:

· -Bloggers should show compassion for those who may be affected adversely by Weblog content. Use special sensitivity when dealing with children and inexperienced sources or subjects.

· -Bloggers should expose unethical practices of other bloggers.

· -Bloggers should abide by the same high standards to which they hold others.

· -Blogger should explain each Weblog’s mission and invite dialogue with the public over its content and the bloggers’ conduct.

I should say that the Internet is a haven and a perfect example of irresistibleness. Irresistible in the sense that everything (good and evil) in this earth and beyond this earth can be searched and viewed. No government is able to control, review, monitor, and classify stuff in the Internet and impose regulations on them so even a three-year-old toddler has access to pornographic sites in just a mouseclick.  In this day and age, internet has become the most reliable source of information helpful to many working on different fields and most of all, entertaining to some who are bound to earthly and fleshly desires.

I have quoted in my previous post that “blogosphere is a habitat where witty organisms interact” but now, pardon me by saying this, there are likewise irresponsible, rude, obscene and profanatory bloggers that exist on the face of the blogosphere and I found some. I also have found some blogs that promote and show ways on how to become and behave like a “real man”. 
There are two separate angles that we should understand to be able to determine the right answer to this question. “How to become a ‘real’ man?” Well, when you ask an ignoramus blogger, he will answer you this way: “Being a real man is to collect and multiply women and have sexual intercourse with them. Being a real man is to drink alcoholic drinks everyday, eat beyond your limitation, utter profane words like “tangina” and “malaking t***” (pertaining to male organ) “hind**” (pertaining to sexual act), doesn’t admit mistakes and doesn’t go to the church.”
On the other hand, when you ask the Bible this question: “God, how to become a ‘real’ man?”  
Isaiah 46:8 says “Remember this, and shew yourselves men: bring it again to mind, O yetransgressors.”-King James Bible
Inyong alalahanin ito, at mangagpakalalake kayo: isaisip ninyo uli, Oh ninyong mgamananalangsang.”-Tagalog Bible
If you are going to explore chapter 48 of the book of Isaiah, you will see that God talks to men (not homosexuals) in this verse. Dito ay tuwirang ipinakikita ng Diyos na ang pagiging tunay na lalake ay ang pagsunod sa Kanya. This Biblical passage depicts the true way on how to become a real man that, although you are literally a man in the strict sense of the word, you are not a “real man” in the eyes of God if you are a transgressor. This is contrary to the earthly definition of “real man” and thus ingrained in our culture (machismo in the Philippines). To be a “real man” is to love God and execute all His commandments. 

To wrap up this post, I would like to warn you people; beware of dangerous blogs and always rely on the Bible.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Tiffany and Scorpion’s “Here In My Heart”

My officemate introduced me a song titled “Here in My Heart” popularized by Tiffany in 1980s and later sung by the band Scorpion in 2000s. It is a ballad written by Diane Warren and a single from Tiffany’s “New Inside” album. This song is track 11 on her “Greatest Hits” album released in the U.S. The Scorpions remade the song and released it as a single for their album “Moment of Glory”.

I like Scorpion’s version more than Tiffany's because of the blending of voice and melody; it conveys strong feelings. I listen to it over and over in my office using my headset. Anyway, here's the lyrics of the song:    

Here In My Heart

Sometimes there's a time you must say goodbye 
Thought it hurts you must learn to try 
I know I've got to let you go 
But I know everywhere you go 
You'll never be far 
Cause like the light over bright star 
You'll be shining in my life 
You're gonna be right 
Here in my heart 
That's where you'll be 
You'll be with me here 
Here in my heart 
No distance can keep us apart 
As long as you're here in my heart 

Won't be any tears falling from these eyes 
Cause when loves true love never dies 
It stays alive forever 
Time can't take away what we have 
I'll remember our time together 
You may think our time is true 
But I'll still have you 
I know you'll be back again 
And till then 
My heart is waiting 

Here In My Heart - Scorpion Mp3


Thursday, January 13, 2011

Magboblog Din Kaya si Jose Rizal Kung Buhay Siya Ngayon?

Jose Rizal

Kilala si Dr. Jose Rizal na isa sa mga pinakamahuhusay na manunulat sa buong mundo noong kapanahunan n'ya. Siyempre, patunay diyan ang mga nobela n'ya na “Noli Me Tangere” at “El Filibusterismo”. Nariyan pa ang di mabilang na mga tula, sanaysay, anekdota, awit, at kung anu ano pa. Sayang dahil hindi natin siya naabutang buhay.

Sa makabagong panahon na nauuso ang blogging at social networking, sigurado na makikijoin si Rizal d'yan. Hindi siya pahuhuli sa pagsulat ng mga kapaki pakinabang na katha sa kanyang sites, at magkocomment din siya sa iba't ibang postings ng mga bloggers.

Kikita kaya s'ya sa pagboblog?

Ang sagot d'yan ay "malamang”. Dahil nga kilala siya sa buong mundo dahil sa kanyang mga nagawa, maraming magbabasa ng kanyang mga postings. Maraming magpafollow sa kanya sa “Google follow” at maraming maglilink sa kanya na mga sites na may matataas na page ranks. Wow, e di kung ganoon e posibleng maging isa siya sa pinakamalalaking kumita na blogger sa Pilipinas, adsense, adbrite, entrecard, amazon.com at kung anu ano pa. Posible na madadaig pa niya kumita ang mga mangangalakal na intsik noong panahon n'ya..

E ano naman kaya ang isusulat niya tungkol sa mga bagay bagay sa Pilipinas?

  1. Naku siguradong lagot si dating Pangulong Arroyo dahil sermon ang aabutin niya kay Rizal dahil sa dami ng nagawang katiwalian ng kanyang administrasyon. Ihahalintulad siya sa nga corrupt na Gobernador-heneral at mga prayle noong kapanahunan nya. Baka hindi pa siya iLike ni Rizal sa facebook.
  2. Hindi na maninibago si Rizal sa mga gago at manyak na pulis na sa halip na humuli ng kriminal e sila pa ang gumagawa ng krimen sa kanilang presinto pa mismo. Ginawa na kasi yan ng mga gwardya sibil noong panahon n'ya. Ngunit hindi pa rin sila makaliligtas sa talim ng panulat ni Rizal. Sa totoo lang, dahil sa dami ng kademonyohang ginagawa ng ilang pulis sa ating lipunan, lagot ang PNP chief dahil baka s'ya na ang susunod na maging inspirasyon ni Rizal na gawing karakter bilang isa sa mga kontrabida sa susunod niyang nobela.
  3. Magtataka siya dahil may mga pari pa pala na katulad nina Padre Damaso, Sibyla, at Salvi na mahilig makialam sa gobyerno tulad ng isyu sa paggamit ng contraceptives at family planning (RH Bill).
  4. Masyado nang maraming tao sa Pilipinas kaya hindi na hindi na applicable yung “Humayo kayo at magpakarami”. Kaya sinabi ng Diyos 'yon dati e dahil kakaunti ang tao sa mundo. We have to consider the time nung inutos 'yon. May pogi points kay Rizal si Pope Benedict xvi at ihahalintulad siya kay Padre Florentino ng “FILI”
  5. Magpapasalamat siya sa mga kongresistang nagbigay ng pangalang “Rizal St.” sa maraming mga kalye sa Pilipinas.
  6. Pipiliin niyang maging “kapatid” dahil sawa na siya sa awayang “kapamilya” at “kapuso”.
  7. Magpopost siya sa blog ng recipe ng tinolang manok na may upo na recipe sa bahay ni Kapitan Tiyago.
  8. Gagamit siya ng jejemon at gay lingo sa blog bilang dagdag sa collection ng language sa memory bank n'ya.

Magdagdag pa kayo mga folks.

Photo credit: http://en.wikipilipinas.org/index.php?title=Jose_Rizal


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