Tuesday, November 25, 2014

If I were to create a superhero...

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Superheroes started to invade the world of literature, specifically comic books in the past century. Since then, the invasion has continued from comic books, to television, and to motion pictures, which is very popular in this new millennium. With the advances in special effects technology, not a single superhero movie has flopped. Thus, superhero franchises have become more popular than before, not only to the youngsters, but to the grown-ups as well.

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 I myself am a huge fan of superheroes. When I was a kid, television was not an ordinary thing in our home. So unlike other kids in our neighborhood who usually spent their weekends sitting pretty in front of their TV, I confined myself to collecting Spiderman and Superman stickers and posters. I wasn’t aware of Thor before I saw the movie in 2011. Eventually, it had come to my knowledge that Thor is a god, associated chiefly with thunder and lightning and where the weekday name “Thursday” is derived.
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Spiderman, Superman, and Thor are among the amazing superheroes that possess unique and special kinds of powers to fight for good. So they enkindled my interest. What I like about Spiderman is his special ability to walk and crawl around on ceilings and on any 180-degree structures. This skill is something I tried to do when I was a kid but unfortunately just brought swellings, bruises, and wounds on me. Superman has superhuman strength which is a common ability of most superheroes. However, what makes Superman’s strength unique is his capability to fly beyond the Earth and move planets with all his might and flight powers. 
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While Superman can soar high up to the outer space, Thor has the ability to time travel. This allows him to go back in time to reverse certain events to make corrections on them.

Eventually, if I would be given a chance to write my own comic book and create my own superhero that possesses Spiderman’s crawling skill, Superman’s superhuman strength, and Thor’s ability to time travel, I would name him Gigaman. The prefix “giga” is derived from a Greek word meaning “giant”. Certainly, in order not to be identified from Spiderman, Superman, and Thor, he would be given his own unique power to transform himself into a towering giant if a situation requires it. That way, he could easily crush the enemies to death.   

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