Saturday, July 12, 2014

Easter Saturday

After three long years of being absent in blogosphere, I’m back and now re-resurrecting my blog from a very deep slumber, or should I say, from persistent vegetative state. I now understand why I suddenly lost my enthusiasm in blogging. I felt that I don’t like doing it anymore due to the fact that it eats up a lot my time, more so when doing paid blogging. In addition, I used to live a sedentary life so instead of me hauling a laptop to write what my brain dictates; I just lie down and watch TV or take a nap in the comfort of my home. However, no matter how I take blogging for granted, fate brings out the writer in me. Though I’m not as good as some of my writer friends, I believe that through constant writing, I can climb up the ladder up to the level where their feet stand on. Yes, I am a writer and I will always be. 

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